Effective Use of Abandoned Cart Emails:

As an online store owner, you just can’t ignore how abandoned cart recovery emails can multiply your sales!

Example Case Study:

In a given month, the total ‘add to cart’ were 157, but completed checkouts were 32.

That means, 125 potential customers left the site for some reason, without completing the purchase. The average order value of this eCommerce store is $120.

Now, the stats say that, if automated emails are sent to these 125 potential customers, 50% of them would open the email, and 30% of them would return to the cart and complete the purchase.

That means, 20 more sales!

Considering average order value of $120, this extra sales would add up to 20 x $120 = $2400.


This is an eye opener case study for any online store owner.

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